About Us

About Us


Jan Lindhardt, Founder, President and CEO

Jan Lindhardt is a naturalized U.S. citizen that has dedicated his life to the service of others. Jan was born in Copenhagen Denmark, the 2nd oldest of 12 children. He immigrated to America and married a wonderful woman from Topeka, Kansas named Judith, and they have eight children. Jan has served in many leadership capacities in various organizations and churches. He was an Eagle Scout and former scoutmaster as well as a youth leader in his church in Denmark. Jan served on community outreach in Germany for two years promoting family values, about 40% of his work there was for and with American Military personnel stationed in Germany.

He has successfully operated his own computer company since 1992. Raising eight children without health insurance taught him to depend on God-given herbs and nutrition and find ways to help everyone stay healthy and engage in healthier lifestyles. Over the past 20+ years, nutrition and alkaline living became his passion. He has given free health presentations in churches, health clubs, on behalf of Chiropractors, on behalf of a radio station as well as in homes. He has conducted workshops, seminars and all sorts of community health fairs and demonstrations. Jan is working with Lars, his son, on establishing an online Natural wellness community Health2USA.

Because of American intervention in WWII, Denmark became liberated from German occupation; Jan carries deep gratitude for the American servicemen and woman who sacrificed that he was able to be raised in a free country. Jan feels called to minister to the American veterans and other people in need sharing his knowledge and techniques in improving the quality of life.

Jan’s past achievements also include involvement with numerous nonprofits and churches throughout his life. He will work approximately 10 to 12 hours per week with the organization and will provide all aspects of leadership, mentoring and the physical start-up and set-up of the organization.


Lars Lindhardt, Vice-President and Treasurer

Lars Lindhardt is the 5th of 8 children, a husband, and father to 1. He recently married Allison Annear reside in Blue Springs, Missouri with her and their eight-year-old daughter, Olivia,

He has worked in the computer industry for over 15 years and holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, specializing in networking and communications management. As the sole owner and operator of AstroTech Computer Consulting, Lars has experience in both the self-employed, corporate and the nonprofit world. His most recent experience is with Community Blood Center of Greater Kansas City (CBC) supporting their ERP and HRMS software as well as various other industry-specific applications.

In his free time, Lars enjoys all types of sports, everything in the arts and culture realm and most of all camping and spending quality time with family. Lars is Jan’s son and will serve as Vice-President and Treasurer of Oxygen for Life. He has been trained and educated as a computer technician and has served in a variety of positions in the past seven years or so.

Lars’ involvement also includes numerous churches throughout his life. He will work approximately 4 to 6 hours per week with the organization and will help with the various aspects of the starting up and maintaining the longevity of the organization.



Thomas M Hairabedian, Secretary

Inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF) 2007

DOB May 30th, 1924 This 93-year-old currently boasts both National and International Diving titles.

His career began after he was honorably discharged from the Navy after World War II in 1946, and went on to attend USC. He took up diving and went on to win the title of Pacific Coast Conference Champion in 1950. He graduated with his degree in Physical Education that same year and later received a Master’s from Arizona State. Upon graduation, he became the head swimming and diving coach of Central Missouri State University. With more than 32,000 students in his teaching and coaching career, Hairabedian has influenced many students.

Has competed every year but one since the inception of Masters Diving in 1974; He has competed in 50 USA Masters National Championships, winning 39 gold medals in the 1m springboard, 44 gold in the 3m springboard and 28 gold in the platform. He also has attended three FINA Masters World Championships winning five gold, three silver, and one bronze medal. Competing in seven different age groups, he has accumulated over 140 national titles and 16 world titles.

At one point he dove for the medals, now, he dives for the challenge and the fun. Tom Hairabedian is committed to providing a competitive outlet for athletes, passed what is normally considered their prime. He was U.S. Masters National Diving Chairman from 1980-82 and U.S. Grand Masters Champion on six occasions. He believes that Masters Competition is an opportunity to stay or get in shape!

Tom accredits good genes and alkaline living drinking mainly water from his water electrolysis unit and keeps his capillary circulation in top shape even at the age of 93. His goal is to dive past his 100th birthday; it is with good reason his business card and vanity plate call him Dr. Dive

Oxygen for Life is proud to have a WWII hero and sports mentor on the founding board!