Quality Of Life Score

Medical science has advanced through operations and pharmacological intervention to a point where it is no longer about longevity but more about improving your Quality Of Life (QOL).

Take a quick survey to get your personal QOL score and receive a detailed report on how to improve it. (Value of generic version of the eBook “The Veterans Guide” $75.00 value of researched personalized eBook $250.00 your cost FREE with any donation to Oxygen for Life.

If you would like a complementary copy of our illustrated e book Keys to Health with a chapter based on your QOL score and health challenges (value $200.00) please add your email address. Based on the research needed it may be a few weeks before we get it to you. Also if you would like a free 1/2 hour phone session (valued at $ 100.00) please include your phone number.


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