Our Mission

Mission Statement

At Oxygen for Life, our mission is to provide natural solutions to the health issues of our Military Veterans to empower them to improve their overall quality of life.



To be valued for educating and providing alternative health options for our veterans

Be a resource for improving the quality of life for veterans and their families

To make available high-quality medical equipment for free in-home trial, affordable treatments as well as for sale.

To generate sufficient financial support to grow Oxygen for Life into a nationwide movement



Integrity: We commit ourselves to provide all services with integrity, empathy, and respect

Compassion: Our motivation is compassion and love for those we serve

Passion: Instill a passion for life by improving the quality of life for our Veterans



We believe that the choice of location and method of treatment of health issues is a personal choice, that all branches of health providers have their place, and the individuals choice should ideally be inspired by personal prompting from a Higher Power as ultimately it is the source for all healing.


We are researchers and educators committed to discover natural solutions to a variety of health issues, by request, to locate what choice we would make if we had the same issue, we are not qualified to diagnose or prescribe and ask the individual to seek confirmation from a Higher Power before choosing to follow our recommended natural solution.